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Banners for Temple Terrace

Each day an average of 37,000 area residents travel through Temple Terrace on Busch Boulevard and 56th Street. Unfortunately, these visitors don’t always realize that they are driving through our city.

To beautify and brand our area, we have been working with Laurie Hayes, Marketing and Communications Officer for Temple Terrace, to revive the Temple Terrace Street Pole Banner Program previously coordinated by the Merchants Association.

The goal is to ensure that visitors on these main thoroughfares in Temple Terrace recognize our boundaries as well as to add color, beauty and a sense of excitement to the downtown streetscape. These banners will help build on our sense of place, brand our community to outsiders and hopefully increase civic pride in all.

Program Details

  • 2 Temple Terrace themed designs on 18” x 36” banners
  • Installation on 91 city light poles focused on Busch Blvd and 56th Street
  • The city has initially funded the purchase of the necessary brackets and banners for the installation of banners on 30 light poles.

How You Can Help

Citizen funding is needed to continue to expand the program to cover the remaining 61 light poles that still need brackets and banners. The cost is approximately $135 per pole, which covers brackets, banners and installation. Once brackets have been installed, future banners will be $35 each.

Donations toward this project are being accepted through the Temple Terrace Arts Council and are tax deductible. The purchase and installation of additional banners will occur when donations reach a level that allow us to purchase them in bulk.

To donate for a Banner and Mounting Hardware or only a Banner

To donate any amount toward this banner project

Once the first wave of banners have been installed on all City light poles in the target area, the program may be extended to include other banner designs related to seasons and/or holidays throughout the year such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, etc.

Depending on the success of the program, banners also may be designed to promote city sponsored/co-sponsored events.

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