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Share Your Vision for 2021

The Temple Terrace Arts Council (TTAC) invites residents to share their hopeful vision for 2021. Think of it as a New Year’s Resolution for the Year —not for you personally! What are your hopes for the year ahead?

Telescope looking skyward. Caption:
Show your Vision of  Hope for 2021

Our Community Heroes project was a great success. With messages of thanks displayed in our front yards, we recognized our neighbors who worked to keep us safe, fed, and in communication with loved ones.

We can do it again but this time —put your creativity to work to envision a new year full of _____________ (you fill in the blank).

The TTAC will gladly provide a blank sign for your creative work to Share Your Vision for 2021. Fill in this form by December 18th and, while supplies last, we will deliver a blank sign to you.

When you finish your sign, place it in your front yard for everyone to see, and then to submit your own photograph, reply to the note we send you attaching a photo, or contact us to let us know your sign is in your yard and ready to be shared on our social media sites. Please share your finished work before December 31st

    By displaying my creative work or sharing a photograph of my work with, I give permission to the Temple Terrace Arts Council to share my work on Facebook, Instagram, and other public sites.

    The images below demonstrate the variety of visions for 2021 in Temple Terrace. Return often as new signs, deemed respectful of our diverse community by the TTAC, are added.

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