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Imagine you and your beautiful treasures nestled under a lush canopy of majestic trees at enchanting, historic Woodmont Park in the heart of Temple Terrace, Florida. This juried show is the place to be in early November (11-12 in 2023) when holiday and home shopping is at its prime in the Tampa Bay area. For 48 years the community has worked to create an atmosphere of comfort and selling success for you, filled with local and out-of-town guests from 16 states and 90 zip codes.

A few fine arts booths

Submit your Application quickly to be placed in your preferred location! Your creations are welcome here in Temple Terrace, where intimate shows mean lower booth fees, less competition, and quality interactions with customers. Amenities include goody bags, booth-sitting, complimentary continental breakfast on Saturday and Awards breakfast on Sunday, easy load in and out, artist parking areas, golf cart service, 24-hour security, discounts for hotels, campgrounds, and restaurants, and extensive advertising. FREE admission, FREE parking, and FREE quality entertainment!

We reward referrals! Details under Rules & Regulations on the Application form.

Up to $5,000 in Cash Prizes

  • Best of Show
  • Best of Craft
  • Painting: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, drawing (all mediums)
  • Sculpture: wood, clay, wire, ceramic art, stained glass, pottery, etc.
  • Fine Crafts: jewelry, wearable art, blown glass, fused glass, etc.
  • Photography & Mixed Media/Collage

Culinary Artists

Culinary Artists display and sell products prepared for consumption at home or to be given as gifts. Examples include jams & jellies, sauces, honey, whole breads & cakes, tea and coffee products. Previously, these artists exhibited as Crafts. Culinary Artists should not be confused with those selling food or beverages intended for consumption at the Festival.

Food Trucks

Vendors who will sell food or beverages for consumption at the festival are carefully selected and vetted by the Festival Registrar through a separate process.

More Ideas

Check out this article for ideas for expanding your business.

Vendor Application for 2023

To apply for the 2023 Festival, use our online application. We promote accepted artists who register on-line and include appropriate photographs through our website and through our Social Media accounts to connect our guests with your art both at this Festival and through the link you provide.

After you successfully submit your application, we will email a copy to you.
Please wait for the “success” message before paying Entry and Application fees.

2023 Festival Application Form!

    50th Annual Temple Terrace Arts & Crafts Festival

    10 AM-4 PM Daily, November 11-12, 2023

    in Beautiful, Historic, Woodmont Park, 407 Woodmont Ave., Temple Terrace, FL 33617

    We will point our guests who want to know more about you to your website and/or social media account.

    Application Type: Fees listed below include a $25 non-refundable Application Fee.
    Juried Fine Art — $200Craft (non-juried) — $165Culinary Arts (*see below) — $165

    NOTE: Application fees for unacceptable work will be refunded immediately.

    Provide four (4) images of your work either (a) as links from your Website/Facebook/Instagram/Etsy or (b) as attachments in reply to our confirmation email. We use these images on our website and social media to invite guests to visit your booth.

    Either provide a link to an image of your display booth or reply to the confirmation email attaching an image.

    Where did you hear of this show? (please be specific and list all) Or list when you last participated in our Festival.

    Referrals are Rewarded! If this will be your first time with our Festival, please provide the name of the Artist who referred you to us, if any.

    Referrals help to grow our show!

    Referred artists must be listed on this form to receive $25 per accepted participating Applicant, payable on the last day of the Festival.

    The undersigned registrant(s) hereby releases, discharges, and holds harmless The Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival Inc., and the City of Temple Terrace from any responsibility, personal liability, loss, or damage in connection with this show. The undersigned certifies personal responsibility for the original creation of all items represented in this application and displayed at the Festival. The undersigned agrees to unlimited reproduction of their images to promote the festival in all media.

    Rules and Regulations, Please Read Carefully

    SET UP: Friday 1:00-6:00 pm. Saturday 7:30-9:00 am.

    • Exhibitors must display their own original, handcrafted work. No proxy Exhibitors allowed. Digital prints must be labeled as such. No manufactured products or commercial displays, or ceramics cast from commercial molds. No plants, except as decoration.

    • Exhibit space is approximately 12’ x 10' with limited storage space. Juried space may not be shared. Displays must be appropriate for outdoor use, tents must be weighted down. NO TENT STAKES ALLOWED. Electricity may be available on request, but is limited.

    • The Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival Inc., (TTCAF) selects Exhibitors and retains the right to reject unsuitable work. TTCAF is not responsible for damage, loss, or overnight storage. No refunds will be made due to cancellation by either party. Exhibitors are responsible for collecting Florida State Sales Tax and reporting to the Department of Revenue.

    • TTCAF reserves the right to review all displays and inspect all artwork to ensure compliance with Festival rules and to ensure artwork is accurately represented by Application photographs.

    • Applicants must stay both days and service their booth during open hours.

    • Violation of the festival rules may be grounds for expulsion without a refund.

    • *Culinary Artists display and sell products prepared for consumption outside the Festival. Examples include jams, sauces, honey, whole breads, cakes, tea, and coffee products. (NOTE: Only Food Vendors sell food or beverages intended for consumption at the Festival.)

    DEADLINE FOR TOTAL AMOUNT DUE MUST BE PAID VIA PayPal or POSTMARKED BY 10/21/23 Note: Early Paid Application Fees secures the best booth!

    Payment Method:

    PayPal - Upon successful submission, click the link below.Venmo @templeterrace-artscouncilCheck - Mail to: Temple Terrace Arts Council, PO Box 291266, Temple Terrace, FL 33687

    Applications will be held until payment is received.

    By clicking submit, I agree that this electronic submission with my payment for application and entry fees is the same as a physical signature.

    Check here if you accept these terms. (required)

    When you successfully submit your application, we will email a copy to you.
    Please remain on this page while we check your application for for completeness.

    After the “Success” message in a green box appears:

    • Please pay by: PayPal, Venmo @templeterrace-artscouncil, or Check postmarked by 10/20/23 DEADLINE for full payment: October 21, 2023. Note: Early Paid Application Fees secures the best booth!
    • If you did not provide links to images when you registered, please email 4 images of your work plus 1 image of your booth. We use these images to determine the best location for your booth and to encourage guests to visit your booth.

    Please contact us if you have a problem with this form.

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