Vendor Registration 2020

Out of an abundance of caution, and the difficulty of complying with current CDC guidelines for large outdoor events, the Temple Terrace Arts Council has shifted to an entirely on-line version for our 47th Arts and Crafts Festival.

We tried every angle to make it safe for our artists, food truck artisans, guests, and volunteers but even spaces as open-air as Woodmont Park have too many limitations. The Virtual Festival will actually be available for a whole week —November 11-18— which is more time to connect with potential customers. Use the application below if you are interested in our on-line only festival.

Vendor Application Form

To apply for the 2020 Online Festival, use our online application. For our 2020 Festival we will publish a link to websites of accepted artists who submit on-line applications that include appropriate photographs and a link. Or print this Application Form for the 2020 Festival, fill it out, and mail it with required photographs, descriptions, and payment.

    Temple Terrace Arts & Crafts Online Festival
    through TempleTerraceArtsCouncil.org

    After you successfully submit your application, we will email a copy to you.

    Please wait for the "success" message before paying the entry and application fees.

    Application Fees: $25 non-refundable.

    NOTE: Application fees for unacceptable work will be refunded immediately.

    Either provide links to four (4) images of your work or reply to the confirmation email attaching images.

    I/we previously participated in: 201920182017201620152014201320122011Earlier

    Referrals are Rewarded!
    Referrals help to grow our show!
    Referred artists must be listed on this form to receive $25 per accepted participating Applicant, payable on the last day of the Festival.

    The undersigned registrant(s) hereby releases, discharges, and holds harmless The Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival Inc., and the City of Temple Terrace from any responsibility, personal liability, loss or damage in connection with this show. The undersigned certifies personal responsibility for the original creation of all items represented in this application and displayed at the Festival. The undersigned agrees to unlimited reproduction of their images to promote the festival in all media.

    Rules and Regulations, Please Read Carefully

    • Exhibitors must display their own original, handcrafted work. No proxy Exhibitors allowed. Digital prints must be labeled as such. No manufactured products or commercial displays, or ceramics cast from commercial molds. No plants, except as decoration.
    • *Culinary Artists display and sell products prepared for consumption outside the Festival. Examples include jams, sauces, honey, whole loaves of bread, cakes, tea, and coffee products. (NOTE: Food Vendors sell food or beverages intended for consumption at the Festival.)
    • The Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival Inc., (TTCAF) selects Exhibitors and retains the right to reject unsuitable work. TTCAF is not responsible for damage, loss, or overnight storage. No refunds will be made due to cancellation by either party. Exhibitors are responsible for collecting Florida State Sales Tax and reporting to the Department of Revenue.
    • TTCAF reserves the right to review all displays and inspect all artwork to ensure compliance with Festival rules and to ensure artwork is accurately represented by Application photographs.
    • Violation of the festival rules may be grounds for expulsion without a refund.

    DEADLINE FOR TOTAL AMOUNT DUE POSTMARKED BY 10/31/20 Note: Early Paid Application Fees quickly places your art on our website!

    Payment Method:

    PayPal - Upon successful submission, click the link below.Check - Mail to: Temple Terrace Arts Council, PO Box 291266, Temple Terrace, FL 33687

    Applications will be held until payment is received.

    By clicking submit, I agree that this electronic submission with my payment for application and entry fees is the same as a physical signature.

    Check here if you accept these terms. (required)

    When you successfully submit your application, we will email a copy to you.
    Please wait for the "success" message before paying the entry and application fees.
    Please remain on this page while we check your application for for completeness.

    Please remain on this page while we check your application for completeness.

    After the “Success” message in a green box appears, to pay entry and application fees by PayPal make a $25 donation to the Temple Terrace Arts Festival.

    Please contact us if you have a problem with this form.

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