The 8th annual Art en Blanc 2022 was a hit!

The weather was perfect this year! Clear skies, warm breezes, and the evening ending with just enough chill in the air to keep the dancing going…

Arriving early to the historical Woodmont Park to set up one’s own table was the key to a relaxing evening.

It also gave everyone the opportunity to meet and greet. Maybe you knew all the people at your table or maybe you were just meeting them for the first time! Everyone was busy spreading their white table cloths, setting their dinnerware and preparing their centerpieces. Some people even took advantage of bringing an extra side table for setting up their prepared foods. There was everything from home made to boxed dinners purchased at the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club.

After the table work was done, the excitement of seeing everyone else’s centerpieces, stirred the party goers to walk the park and see the sites. There was a wide range of designs on display from the simple and elegant, to the gravity defying!

This was also the perfect time to see what kinds of items were up for grabs. There was a little something for everyone! You could throw in your hat (or dollars) for the opportunity to take home some fine art that had already been realized, or fine art being created by artists GoGo Irwin or Terry Klaaren, as the evening progressed, or leave it up to chance and pick a numbered cork for the wine drawing and be surprised! You could even take your photo with some really tall people or create your own photo shoot, all while listening to the most perfect live guitar playing by Samuel Ortiz, that made everything more magical.

As the sun set, the park came alive with white lights in the trees, white balloons in the air and each table sparkling with the creativity of their guests. That’s when the Allen Arellano from Classic Entertainment kicked it into high gear and we all danced the night away!

It was a breath taking evening all captured by the professional photographer PamElla Lee. If you weren’t able to make it this year, I’m sure we’ll be back next year! Mark your calendars! Our 9th annual Art en Blanc will be here before you know it…better start planning those tablescapes!

Thank you Temple Terrace Arts Council for a fabulous evening!

If you would like to support the Temple Terrace Arts Council and all the creativity that they bring to our community, you can do so HERE

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